We were given the task of designing an app to help with food waste.
We developed an app where, for example, the user can pick up products that are going bad and scan them with the app, then the application produces a list of different recipes that can be made from the scanned products. The user can complete his/her food storage by selecting the products he/she has at home already.
We also wanted the app to be able to be used with voice control, by typing in products or by selecting products from lists in the food storage.

The user groups were families with children, students, single people and pensioners who would benefit the most from reducing food waste. Reasons for using the app could be as a short product expiry dates, perishable fruit and vegetables, and new recipe ideas from existing food products or to save money.

We used workshops, benchmarking, Lean UX Canvas, Carazy 8 and User Journey. We built a prototype together with the team using Figma.

Test prototyp here