The idea was to design a new app that encourages older people to move and collect daily steps and try out different activities, either alone or with others.

We wanted to lower the barrier to exercise or to increase everyday physical activity.
The age of the users had to be taken into account when designing the application.
Had to take account of slower hand and finger movements, the buttons were made larger than normal.
The aim was also to make the texts easy to read.
The design of the app took into The app also had to be easy to use and quick to understand.

Methods we used together with the team were; DoubleDiamond followed with interviews, user shadowing, benchmarking, desktop research, personas, Crazy 8, story board, affinity mapping, journey map and then we created a lo-fi and hi-fi prototype to present to the class and teacher.
This project was our first bigger one where we were training how to do research but also learning Figma program.

Start autumn 2022.

Test prototyp here